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Clones Don't Care About Nothin' Either
Season 1, Episode 4b
Clones dont care about nothing either-episode.png
Directed by Matt Ferguson
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Clones Don't Care About Nothin' Either was the fifth episode of the TV series.


When Peri and Entrèe decide that they have too many things to do, they use one of the Doctor's old machines to make themselves some clones (Pony and Underpants) to help them get things done. However, the two clones decide to take over Peri and Entrèe's lives forever.


While out visiting his friend Entree, Peri helps a frantic Entree in fixing down the furniture, claiming that the couch wants revenge against him and has turned the furniture against him. When Peri simply dismisses and asks his friend to play Bucket stick fruit ball, as they left, Entree's couch says that his owner had won this time.

A while after the two friends played their game, Patricia arrived and offered the two to taste her pies. Learning that they can't do two things at the same time, Entree leads his friend to the mad doctor's lab so they can use a machine to clone themselves.

After being inserted into the machine, it creates a clone of each of them, both of which have a bizare maner and are even more dumber. They resemble both of the originals except for being a darker shade.

When they finally realized that they are missing out on tasting the pies while they are playing their game, they ask their clones to switch. The clones, however have other ideas. The originals then decide to make an army to get rid of Ponie and Underpants, but like the first clones rebelled. Peri and Entree are surpirsed that the clones are taking over everything, even their respective houses.

Entree suggests making more clones to defeat the rebel clones, but Peri feels suggests that this was the cause of the trouble. Entree then had an idea, unveils a few barrels and wood, which was used as a raft to leave the island and its inhabitants to the fate of the duo's clones (instead of destoying the machine). Just when they thought that they escaped from the clones, they were too late to discover that Entree's vengeful couch, in the guise of a pirate on the raft as well. The two mutants are then bashed, meaning that they did not get away scot-free.


  • The name of the episode is similar to the previous episode, even though it might be a sequel.
  • The Couch wants revenge on Entree, most likely after abusing by Entree's flatulence.
  • Peri has 2 toothbrushes, one of which he uses as an ear brush.