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Cube Whacked
Season 1, Episode 7a
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Directed by Matt Ferguson
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Cube Whacked was the fifthteenth episode of the TV series.


Compuhorse is boring. At least, that's what Peri and Entrèe think, until they discover his built-in videogame, Cubewhacker.


The story starts with Compuhorse explaining the origins of the sandwich to Peri and Entree when they asked him for some mayo. Compuhorse says he does not have mayo, but just as Peri and Entree are about to leave, he asks to 'have fun or hang out' with them. Entree doesn't want to, but Peri doesn't see the problem.

The following scenes shows Compuhorse trying to play, but he's not good at playing anything, for example, he shorted out while swimming, and is unable to play catch.

They arrive back at Compuhorse's home, where Entree convinces Peri to ditch Compuhorse. Just as they are about to, Compuhorse asks them to play Cubewhacker on his monitor. Cubewhacker is a simple video game where the player controls a bar and bounces a missile around to clear all the cubes on the screen.

Peri and Entree are instantly obsessed with Cubewhacker and follow Compuhorse around until he got tired of being ignored and ejected the game disk into the forest. The two retrieved the disk from a tree, but don't know what to do with it. Entree tries to put the disk inside Peri, meeting failure.

Peri realizes they need a computer to play the game, and goes into the Doctor's lab. They put Cubewhacker into the supercomputer, and put virtual helmets on. They pass out into a fully-immersive virtual Cubewhacker game.

They started to tire and lost a life in level 14, the computer informs them they have 2 lives left, and if they lose the game, they will receive a 10,000 volt shock. They try to quit the game, but as they're figuring out how, they lose another life.

Just as they're about to lose their last life, Omegasteed comes in and saves them, Peri exclaims that he's 'the coolest guy in cool town'. Omegasteed tells them Cubewhacker himself must be defeated to finish the game.

Omegasteed blazes through all the levels until the final level: level 100. Omegasteed invites Peri and Entree to defeat the game together.

One cube hits Entree hard and breaks the control bar. Entree gives up, but Omegasteeds tells him it's not over and bounces the cube off his chest, defeating Cubewhacker, Omegasteed collaspes to the ground and dies.

Peri and Entree escape from the video game to find Compuhorse, at first Entree isn't glad to see him, but then Peri realizes Compuhorse is also wearing a virtual helmet. He reveals that 'Omegasteed' is his online name.

Peri and Entree asks Compuhorse how to be cool, and Compuhorse starts a speech about the history of cool. Meanwhile, the sandwich from the beginning of the episode appears, being chased by a floating jar of mayonnaise.


  • Cubewhacker is essentially an Arkanoid clone.