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The Cyber Stomper was a device made by Mister Smarty Smarts.

After years of studying Two Legs Joe's stomping abillaties, Smarty Smarts made his most powerfull creation yet, the Cyber Stomper. This device was solar-powered and made the user capable of using any of Two Legs Joe's stomps, and even more.

While Joe was busy finding his happy moment , Smarty Smarts used the device to harras the town with several quite ridiculous stomps ( Icecream-headache stomp, rainbow-fishy stomp)

Eventually Joe returned, confronting Smarty Smarts. After a while , when Joe got exhausted of stomping , Smarty Smarts revealed the Cyber Stomper's main strengh ( but also it's only weakness) : it's solar-powered. Knowing this, Joe created a Solar Eclipse with one of his stomps, disabling the device, leaving Smarty Smarts at the mercy of the angry rhino.

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