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Half Puma, Half Rooster
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Eduardo is one of the minor characters in the show. He is a stereotypically handsome mutant with the body of a puma and the legs of a rooster. He has long black hair (which is actually a toupee), a big and muscular torso, and wears a blue speedo with a yellow stripe.


Eduardo is friendly, talented, and benevolent. He also seems to have a self-centered side to him, like at the end of the episode Amazon, where he sang a song about himself and complimented his own looks.


  • Patricia: Eduardo was Patricia's crush during her vacation in the episode Amazon. He rubbed sun screen on her, had drinks by the beach with her, and played volleyball with her using only his pecs.
  • Peri: It is not known if they're friends. In the episode Sugar Low, Peri offered Eduardo to help him wax his chest in exchange for sweets. Eduardo let him, and despite him waxing off a little more than he wanted, Eduardo gave him a pie.
  • Entree: It is not known if they're friends, but Eduardo was one of the boys who was held captive by Entree's heart. He was seen tied up in the middle of the town alongside Two-Legs Joe, Fuzzy Snuggums, and Roosyile, watching the heart as it decided which one of the four to date first.
  • Pinnians: Even though they never interacted, Eduardo was abducted by the Pinnians in his song about himself. He claimed that they would choose to take him for his "beautiful face".

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  • Aside from having a song at the end of Amazon, Eduardo doesn't have any voice lines.
  • Eduardo's long black hair is actually a toupee.
  • Eduardo has an Argentinian accent.