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|Box title = Entrée |Row 1 title = Species: |Row 1 info = Cow, pig, chicken, shrimp |Row 2 title = Gender: |Row 2 info = Male |Row 3 title = Friends: |Row 3 info = Peri |Row 4 title = First appearance: |Row 4 info = Bowled Over |Row 5 title = Portrayer: |Row 5 info = Joe Pingue |Row 6 title = Likes: |Row 6 info = Blowing up Joe's job, playing Bucket Stick Fruit Ball, bothering Mr. Smarty Smarts, mayonnaise, food, milkshakes, video games. |Row 7 title = Dislikes: |Row 7 info = Anything boring
anyone ruining his "fun" |Row 8 title = Nicknames: |Row

w 8 info = Boxatron ([[Fuzzy Snugg ] in ), What's-Your-Face/What's-Her-Face/What's-His-Face (Mr. Smarty Smarts), Entrée Get-Revenge-On-Peri Jones (Nobody's Cult But Mine)|Image file = Entrée.png |Image size = 300 |Row 9 title = Teams/Jobs/Occupations: |Row 9 info = Dream Commandos, Smile Squad |Row 10 title = Hobbi Playing Bucketes:Eating mayonnaFruit-Ball}}Entrée is a mayo loving tasty mutant who is Peri's friend and the show's deuteragonist. Entrée is more stupid than Peri. Sometimes when Peri doesn't play with him for a long time, he turns evil and takes revenge on him. When he was a kid, he put Joe's favourite toy in the volcano: Mr. Wrinkles. (Mr. Wrinkles in Time). He always turns big when he says he is "awesome".

It was believed that the Doctor created him for the purpose of being eaten, hence his name.

Due to his short attention span, he mostly fails to consider the consequences of his actions, even regarding others, even to himself or parts of himself (his stomach), using Poosh to tire himself out without knowing. It even resulted in Entrée's stomach, heart and brain going on strike due to the abuse meted out against them. Anyways, He likes Peri as a best friend becuase they always playing their favorite game called Bucket Stick Fruit Ball.


His home is a pizza oven with a beach umbrella.

Relations with Others[]

Because Peri and Entrée are best pals, Peri seems to be the only one that tolerates him the most. Two-legs Joe, the mayor of the city, hates Entrée as well as his friend Peri.

Hair Styles[]

His chicken "hair" has changed styles throughout many episodes. At the end of the episode Best Before Date, Entree has green hair (mold).


  • Entrée has a barcode on his butt. (Best Before Date)
  • He named his top-right udder, "Nugget". (Juice)
  • He has an evil twin brother, Apéritif. (Brothers in Farms)
  • He and Smarty Smarts think that chickens live underwater.
  • At one time his extreme laziness led to his literally growing roots. (Roots)
  • It was discovered at one stage that the mad Doctor programmed Entrée to any command whenever he hears the word "Poosh". (Poosh and the Quest for the Blargy Parble)
  • The names of Entrée's udders are Nugget, Tina, A.J., Poky, Cranky, Nippocles and Commador Uddersworth.