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Fuzzy Snuggums

Fuzzy Snuggums.png

Best friends:
Peri (sometimes), Entrée (sometimes)
First Appearance:
No Play For Princess

(An untitled Spliced Fuzzy spin-off will be released with 12 new episodes in January 14, 2022 on Amazon Prime, describing his misadventures as a Nazi spy that was enslaved during Operation Paperclip that also met Seraphim in person afterwards)

Fuzzy Snuggums was a mutant who lived on the island with the other mutants. He was a small yellow furry creature that liked exploring. He is usually the target of Peri and Entree's bullying and mean pranks, but he can resist them and brush them off, mainly because he experienced the loss of his jewish cousin Snuggly McFuckly during the Holocaust and his brother Ronaldjarjar McDonaldsbinks getting shot by a Vietcong Sniper, who was revealed to be Shulk. Because shulk do funny stuff aside from xenoblade. i think.

It was revealed by Two-Legs Joe that a long time ago, the mad Doctor chose him and Octocat to become super soldiers when he felt threatened by the robots on Robot Island.

After seeing that Fuzzy would be hard to handle in that state, he later conditioned his to study exploration. However, he would revert back to her super-soldier form if he was exposed to certain explosions (e.g. attached to fireworks when they go off).

He is in search of Amazotopia (parody of Amazonas and Atlantis).

When Fuzzy felt sad, peri and the other mutants made the island look like the famous city which was Fuzzy's goal of finding. Anytime he does something after when he done it, he said: Exapation Note: [something whatever]. He sound like a high-pitched voice when he talks. One thing is: His goal is to reach Amazontopia in (Fuzzy's Great Adventure) [sighs] But, it did´t go well. Because he was hit by a plane, landed in space, got roasted into cooked meat, and all of those! But my favorite part, in Best Before Date, at the end, he got a soda-can opener to beat what Entrée did [Note: It wasn´t Entrée, It was Peri.] So Fuzzy joinede. [[Princess Pony Apehands], Two Legs Joe, Patrica, and other monsters to get Entré] those and junkyard car magnet this is blow it up Fuzzy's corpse.

Fuzzy caused the Third Impact after giving everyone infinite dollars. In Keep Away Island, economy classes did not exist.