Spliced! Keep Away Wiki

Each episode is comprised of two stories, All of the Main Episodes are now on YouTube.

  1. Bowled Over/Stuck Together
  2. No Play For Princess/Cleaning Up/ Short:Knowing is Growing: Antelope
  3. Outsmarted/Gordon/Short:Robot with a Sandwich Brain
  4. Fairly Odd Princess/Brothers in Farms/ Short: Knowing is Growing: Gravy
  5. Roots/Two Arms Joe
  6. Honorary Freak/Come to the Dork Side/Short: Nothing
  7. Best Before Date/Stompabout/Short: The Interview Show
  8. Amazon/Short: Eduardo/Juice/ Short:Adventures of Compuhorse and Calcupony
  9. Stupid Means Never Having To Say I'm Sorry/Short: Entrée's Rock Commercial/Cube Whacked/Short: Knowing is Growing: Pet Samurai
  10. Fuzzy's Great Adventure/Octocataclysm
  11. Promises, Promises/There Will Be Stomp
  12. Taste of Friendship/Sugar Low/ Short: 27th Annual Blargey
  13. Compu Peri/Short: The Twilight Fridge/Marzipan Meadows and the Kingdom of Adventure/Short: Entree's Top 3 Things To Do With Mayo
  14. The Mutants Who Cried Monster/Pink/ Short:Fuzzy's Visitation
  15. Livin' La Vida Lava/Mo' Mayo, Mo' Problems/Short: Head Crusher
  16. Walkie-Talkie Spinie-Suckie/My Fair Shark Bunny/Short: Peri's Rainbow
  17. Pork Chop/Same Difference
  18. Follow your Dreamworms/Of Minions and Masters/Short:Keep Away Island Personals
  19. Yetis Don't Care About Nothin'/Clones Don't Care 'Bout Nothin' Either/ Short:Message in a Bottle
  20. Whirrel Call/Nightmare on Condemned Street
  21. Nobody's Cult But Mine/Stomach on Strike
  22. Living Hellp/Short:Spoon Telekinesis/Sgt. Snuggums / Short:Entree's Pet
  23. Helen/The Count Of Pinchy Crabbo
  24. Jetpackin'/Mole-sters In The Mist
  25. Mr. Wrinkles in Time/Bite, Shuffle And Moan/Short:What was the Doctor thinking?
  26. One Joe Wingus/Short:Entree's Cook Off/Poosh and the Quest for the Bargy Parble


- The show has Bonus Clips, But they are currently lost.

- Cleaning up , Jetpackin', party meowers, rude all rude, joe or Jolene , play n'ice and I twice that plant is gone are the only episodes to have a different title card opening theme
- Stuck Together and Yetis Don't Care About Nothin'! Are the only episodes to have a shortened version of the title card theme.

- The majority of the episodes are about Peri and/or Entree.

- My Fair Shark bunny is the only episode thats about The Wunny Sharbit.

Insanity/Short:Bloodpop/Trail of the woods/Short:all of fun

Occupied/Eyes half closed

Closeddown/boss moonlight/Short:as we go

ice/we bare kittys

the skunks family/Short:knowing is growing:kittydog/40'000 gallons of water

the pen/no red and black and white - The team was going to make a second season.