Clones Don't Care 'Bout Nothin' Either
Season 1, Episode 4b
Message in a bottle-episode
Directed by Matt Ferguson
Storyboard by {{{storyboard}}}
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Clones Don't Care 'Bout Nothin' Either
Whirrel Call

Message in a Bottle is a short episode from the series.


The short story begins with Fuzzy Snuggums's rocket ship crash landing in the ocean near Keep Away Island. marooned and surrounded by sharks, Fuzzy writes an S.O.S. on a comic book, puts it in a bottle and tries to throw it in the hopes it would reach Peri and Entree who are making musclebound sand ssculptures on themselves. However, he hits a tentacled monster who throws it back. Not giving up, the furry mutant tries again, but this time it gets turned around by a whirlpool. returning it to sender. Still not giving up, he throws the bottle again, passing the whirlpool and safely across the sea mines, but is caught by the tentacled monster who throws it on top of a landmine, exploding it and sending it back to Fuzzy, losing his balance. He throws it a fourth time which does make it to them, but the two mutants only took notice of the magazine the S.O.S. was written on, much to the dissappointment of a shark battered Fuzzy.