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Mrs.Motherly during her creation

Mrs.Motherly is a 4-armed robot (eye) that was created by Patricia after feeling exhausted from helping the citizens on the island. After she was created, her drones helped everyone on the island. She unwittingly used her self destruct switch, when Entree said that they wanted to shut her down, wanting to do it the right way.(Living Hellp)

A Mrs. Motherly Drone doing Patricia's cooking

List of what she did to everyone[]

-Did Joe's work and fed him pre-chewed pretzel

-Helped Peri and Entree poke Joe 100 times then covers them in a crystal and sends them to space

-Smashed all the buildings for Princess Pony Apehands.

-Went exploring and showed pictures to Fuzzy Snuggums and made him cry.

-Shaved a happy face on Peri's chest

The destroyed Mrs.Motherly drones

-Fed a truck to Entree

-Picked Entree's nose

-Made an Omni-Ray and helped Mr.Smarty Smarts and Octocat play checkers

-Made herself self-destruct