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Naja is a rather unique isopod loris mutant who's one of the main characters in Spliced: Season 2. She was closely connected to the Doctor.

A member of an devilish long since forgotten group of mutants who are widely believed to be completely extinct, Naja is a parasite/primate that apparently served as the tongue of the Doctor. Whether she replaced his tongue or he never had a tongue to begin with is uncertain, although it's theorized by a few mutants that the Doctor may have had his tongue ripped out of his mouth by the Wunny Sharbit.

Serving as his tongue, Naja provided literally his voice. Incidentally, she has her own voice which completely sounds nothing like the Doctor, a thing which often comes as a surprise to most especially when she talked whilst still serving as his tongue. She talking while acting as his tongue makes most initially assume that the Doctor had a voice unbefitting for his appearance.