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No Play for Princess
Season 1, Episode 2a
Screenshot (42).png
Air date May 20, 2010 (Teletoon)
May 27, 2014 (Cartoon Network)
February 3, 2010 (British airdate)
Directed by Matt Ferguson
Written by Simon Racioppa
Richard Elliot
Storyboard by Cal Brunker
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No Play for Princess is the third episode of Spliced!.


Peri and Entrée are looking for someone to play a game of Bucket-Stick-Fruit-Ball with, but nobody wants to. The terrifying Princess Pony Apehands is the only one who wants to join in. However, she plays too rough so Peri and Entrée quickly try to ditch her. Princess throws a major temper tantrum and decides to smash the old nuclear reactor. Peri and Entree was bored and they don't know what to do for today. Until then, Two Legs Joe and Patricia came to talk with Peri and Entree about Princess Pony Apehands was really really got mad. This is their fault and Two Legs Joe starts stomping Peri and Entree and Patricia tells both of them. Peri and Entree made Princess Pony Apehands upset. Two Legs Joe starts talking and telling at Peri and Entree to make unupset for Princess Pony Apehands. Peri,Entree,and Patricia are walking to see Princess Pony Apehands. Peri and Entree was worried about Princess Pony Apehands and Peri talks to Princess Pony Apehands and she came and became very angry at Peri and Peri was happy a little bit to play with Entree. Princess Pony Apehands says the same thing as Peri when she laughing. Entree tells Princess Pony Apehands being a crybaby and she was very at Entree. She grabs Entree and Peri to squash them and throws them away all the way to Patricia. Peri and Entree must stop Princess Pony Apehands before it's too late. Peri and Entree are both saying sorry to Princess. Princess asked them a question to play with them. Peri and Entree shook their head as a yes. She hugs Peri and Entree and Princess Pony Apehands plays tea party with Peri and Entree and Patricia comes in too as well. At the end, Fuzzy falls down to Princess Pony Apehands 's treehouse. Fuzzy was very cold and at the end, Peri and Entree looked at him.


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