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Princess Pony Apehands

Princess Pony Apehands.jpg

Big gorilla body with pony head and tail
Tea parties
Fairies GIrly things.
Anybody disturbing her
Not playing
Getting hit

Princess Pony Apehands is an immense mutant with the mind and vocabulary of a six-year old. She was formed by splicing the head and tail of a pony onto the body of a gorilla.

She may be considered one of the more aggressive mutants, as she does not quite understand how big and strong she is and inadvertently hurts others with her antics. Her tree house is located deep in the forest and is completely pink inside. She wears a ballet tutu and slippers. Although she's a girl, her voice is quite masculine and deep. Space worms used her "hat of power" to make a ship to go back home.

  • Princess Pony Apehands is voiced by Kedar Brown.