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Melvin piloting Robo-Zilla in the town

Robo-Zilla is a theropod-like robot that looks like a dinosaur. It appears in two episodes. Helen and The Mutants Who Cried Monster.

Peri and Entree create this monster machine in the Doctor's lab, where they intended for their new friend, Melvin to prove that they really saw a real monster.

In The Mutants Who Cried Monster, Peri & Entree make Melvin use it to rampage the town.

Robo-Zilla in the jungle

Robo-Zilla has two sounds. Godzilla's roar and a robotic T-Rex roar

In Helen,Peri uses this robot to combat Entree and his robot for flower for helen.

In Helen,the eye is pink and in The Mutants That Cried Monster, the eye is green.


  • Melvin is never seen when he pilots it.
  • Peri does not appear either when he pilots Robo-Zilla
  • Robo-Zilla mostly looks like a robot tyrannosaurus with a flame-thrower,talons,laser vison,a cup-holder and a blood-curling roar.Also a solar panel behind it's head
  • It is very simular to the bipedal robot Metal Gear REX from Metal Gear Solid


  • Blood-Curling Roar
  • Razor-Sharp Talons
  • Fire Breath
  • Cup Holder

Robo-Zilla (piloted by Peri) during the fight against Entree's giant robot