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Same Difference
Season 1, Episode 9a
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Directed by Matt Ferguson
Storyboard by {{{storyboard}}}
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Same Difference was the twenty-third episode of the TV series.


After being tormented by Peri and Entrèe, Smarty Smarts and Joe go to their "happy place", only to find out that it's the same place. Realising that they share a mutual dislike of the annoying duo. The two become friends, pooling their resources to deflect Peri and Entrèe's antics, and pulling a few pranks of own. but Peri and Entree feel that if Joe and  Smarty Smarts are friends they cannot. so they plot to break up Joe and Smarty Smarts but when they are about to get shot into space Joe realises by doing that he would be almost as evil as Mr Smarty Smarts so he sets them free.


  • TBA


  • A clip of Grossology can be seen while Joe and Smarty Smarts are in the cinema.


  • It is unknown how the teleporter mayo jar doesn't affect Mr. Smarty Smarts.
  • At one point, Squicken is huge.