Spoon Telekinesis is a short episode where Entrée tries to bend a spoon with his mind. After a while he has sunk the island leaving a small piece of land where he is sitting. Entree gets madder and more frustrated and tries to bend a fork telepathically, exclaiming, "Get a fork, I'm going again!"


  • Peri: Is the test subject ready?
  • Entree: (Nods head)
  • Peri: Telekenisis test #1, Subject: Entree, will try and bend a spoon with his mind.
  • Entree: (Frustrated grunts)
  • Patricia: What?!
  • Entree: No!
  • Mutants: (screaming)
  • Peri: Telekenisis failed. Sorry Entree.
  • Entree: Get a fork, I'm going again!