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Squealer is a mutant pig with a fox's tail. He is one of the main characters to be introduced in Season 2 of Spliced.

He is a sly shopkeeper with a taste for gold. Being a merchant in the local market, he prides himself in trying to sell numerous objects from his stall, sometime even at unfair prices. He has even been known to sell stolen goods on the black market should he find the best deal in his favour. He also seems to specialises in rings and necklaces. While he may enjoy his business he has always preferred to use the finest material for his jewellery, most particularly his famous Sparkanium bracelets.

He is shown to be decent friends with Hunch and Mr. Smarty Smarts, given those three have a distaste for the rest of the mutants.

Aside from being a shady salesman, he also enjoys fishing, as revealed in the episode "Catch of the Hour", where he reluctantly takes Peri and Entrée out fishing with him. He also loves sumo wrestling, as in "The Muntant-lympics", he is a professional sumo wrestler as it's revealing that he is also spliced with the body fat of a walrus, with he secretly hides under his clothes.