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Stuck Together
Season 1, Episode 1b
Stuck Together Title Card.png
Air date April 1, 2010 (Teletoon)
May 27, 2014 (Cartoon Network)
February 2, 2010 (British airdate)
Directed by Matt Ferguson
Written by Simon Racioppa
Richard Elliot
Storyboard by Matt Ferguson
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Stuck Together is the second episode of Spliced!.


In search of fun in the lab, Peri and Entrée find one of the Doctor's journals, which supposedly tells what the purpose of Peri is. The friends go to visit Mister Smarty Smarts hoping he can read Peri's purpose to them, but it turns out he can't read. He lies and says Peri was created to be the best friend of Entrée. Peri, excited at discovering his purpose, becomes obsessed with Entrée, who cannot bear being constantly chased by Peri. To teach Peri a lesson about personal space, Entrée decides to splice them together. Peri wakes up himself and his head hurts and Peri's arms and legs is missing. Until then,he was Entree on the top on the Entree's head. Entree was using a doctor machines to splice together and now Entree can hangout with Peri all the time. After that,he was drinking coconut and there's Crocowolf and the Crocowolf chases Entree and Peri and the Crocowolf bites Peri and Entree was shaking the Crocowolf until it goes away. Peri tells him he should unsplice themselves and Entree was laughing and he told him we're best friends forever. During the night, Entree was sleeping and Peri says friends forever three times and he uses his tongue to get into  the doctor machine and he changes into a disco ball music and he changes again into something else. Entree tells what's wrong with him and Peri was crying and Entree laughs and Peri laughs too as well along with Entree. Peri and Entree were very back to normal to become mutants again. Finally, Mister Smarty Smarts and Octocat came back and Mister Smarty Smarts tells Peri a purpose and all of the sudden, the pages were missing on the green book. Mister Smarty Smarts was so confused and it was awkward. Peri was very angry at Entree and at the end of the episode, Entree tells him we're best friends forever,right? Peri beats up Entree and Octocat says meow.


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