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Two Legs Joe

Two legs joe.png

2-legged Rhinoceros with bird on his back
Stomping, especially those that annoy him and Mr.Wrinkles
Peri (sometimes), Entrée, Mr. Smarty Smarts and the trouble they make
Mayor of the mutants
Stinky Head (Fuzzy Snuggums)
First Appearance:
Being the mayor of the town
Working in his office

Two-legs Joe is the mayor of the mutants' city who resembles an armless rhino with a red bird stuck on his back, known as Lord Wingus Eternium. He enjoys stomping anyone who bothers him, like someone who destroys the town. Most of the time he stomps Entree and Peri, as well as Mister Smarty Smarts.

With his stomps, he was also able to have some control over the sun and gravity.

It was later believed that Wingus was not actually the growth but actually Joe was the growth. Wingus exiled himself from his bird flock because he did not want to remove and destroy Joe.

While Joe is usually quick to anger and is impulsive and is able to talk, Lord Wingus is quiet and thoughtful.

Joe is aware of Fuzzy Snuggums as a former supersoldier, along with Octocat, dreading the day when he would return to his supersoldier mentality and form. (Sgt. Snuggums)

He also dreads a number of cloned Peris and Entrees, saying that it was his worst nightmare. (Clones Don't Care About Nothin' Either)

It could be speculated that when he stomps and says things along the lines of "Thunder Stomp", the power might have come from Wingus himself.