Wunny Sharbit
Jesse Gibbons (translator)
First Appearance:
Animal spliced:
Shark bunny

Wunny Sharbit is a X character in Spliced!. He views all of the characters as his prey. He has a chainsaw-like mouth, which makes the other mutants terrified of him.

In My Fair Shark Bunny, when Peri traps him in a jar in the Doctor's lab, Peri discovers that the jar contains a translator that allows him and his friends to understand the Wunny Sharbit. Although Peri was trying to teach him that friends are not food, despite the initial good promise of success, it eventually becomes a disaster.

In Compu-Peri, he has eaten a buppy named Pistachio, as well as a Slouch Potato in Roots.


The Wunny Sharbit is a mutant of a bunny crossed with a shark and a chainsaw. They appear to be cute, but they can get violent.

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